RES 350 Sectional garage doors for houses

Sectional garage gates made by Mirola are an ideal solution for your garage. They are made of the highest quality materials and ensure comfort and safety.

Applied panels of 40 mm thickness, filled with freon-free polyurethane foam and lip seals that ideally adhere to the panel and substrate, efficiently reduce heat losses and limit noise from the outside. Special structure of the panel and hinges eliminate the risk of crushing of fingers when the gate is closing.

As standard, each gate is equipped with protection against effects of breakage of torsion springs.

RES 350 Sectional garage doors

High Operation RES 350

High operation is used where it is impossible to apply RSC 200 normal operation due to excessive height of a header. In case of RES 350 operation, the height of a header in case of manual operation is 350 mm, and 400 mm when using an electric drive.

Product characteristics: shaft and torsion springs installed on a header, in front of single horizontal guides.

Technical information:

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Wzór panela: Grooved

texture: stucco

No embossed areas

Wzór panela: No embossed areas

texture: smooth

Single embossed area

Wzór panela: Single embossed area

texture: smooth


Wzór panela: Other

texture: smooth

Simplified construction of a sectional gate with RES 350 high operation

Simplified construction of a sectional gate with RES 350 high operation

  1. Thermal panel
  2. Bottom finishing strip
  3. Bottom gasket
  4. Vertical guide
  5. Horizontal guide
  6. External hinge
  7. Roller bottom bracket
  8. Shaft
  9. Spring heads
  10. Springs protection
  11. Shaft connector
  12. Upper finishing strip
  13. Upper gasket
  14. Side console
  15. Springs
  16. Mounting of the upper thermal panel roller
  17. Side hinge
  18. Clamp
  19. Fastening channel section
  20. Suspension
  21. Linear drums
  22. Lock with side bars
  23. Rail electric drive
  24. Electric drive decoupling
  25. Angle

Garage door panel design

Standard panels used in production of garage gates are comprised of sections of 40 mm thickness and 500 mm, 555 mm or 610 mm height.

They are made of hot-dip galvanised steel sheet coated with polyester, filled with polyurethane foam of high thermal insulation properties.

The design solutions of sections prevent the gate from crushing the user’s fingers.

Panele użyte do produkcji bram garażowych w systemie ThermicGATE składają się z sekcji o grubości aż 60mm oraz wysokości 500 mm. Zbudowane są ze stali galwanizowanej Z100 i Z225 oraz powlekanej poliestrem blachy stalowej, wypełnionej pianką poliuretanową o bardzo dobrych właściwościach termoizolacyjnych.

Rozwiązania konstrukcyjne sekcji zabezpieczają użytkownika bramy przed przygnieceniem palców.

User safety

When designing our gates, we put a great emphasis on safety and comfort of use, therefore, gates manufactured by MIROLA feature the highest quality components having all necessary certificates. We do not supply cheap, low quality elements that could significantly compromise your safety.

Protection against effects of spring breakage

All our garage and industrial sectional gates are equipped with protection measures that prevent rapid drop of a gate in case of spring breakage.


If a gate is equipped with electrical drive control, they may be additionally provided with protecting photocells. The photocells are fixed in the opening of the gate and prevent closing of the gate when there is an object present in the passage.

ThermicGATE Garage Doors

ThermicGATE is our proposition of a garage gate set, which combines a warm, thick, yet light gate panel with special circumferential gaskets of a gate and double adjusted rollers.

Due to the thickness of the panel, ThermicGATE gates do not allow installation of a handle and a lock with side bars, as well as an electric drive decoupling system integrated with a handle.


Panel bramowy ThermicGATE

The composition of the foam that fills the panel and the thickness of the panel of 60 mm ensures very good thermal conductivity.

Heat transfer coefficient of the panels U = 0.39 (W/m2*K)
Value between the panels Ψ = 0.209 (W/m*K)


Uszczelka boczna i nadprożowa ThermicGATE

The side gasket, located on angles of vertical guides and on a header, minimises generation of thermal bridges that are created upon contact with a cold surface of a building, such as concrete, steel structures etc.


Podwójne rolki jezdne ThermicGATE

To ensure a better fit between a door curtain and circumferential gaskets, we have applied a system of double adjusted sliding rollers. Proper fit between a door curtain and gaskets reduces heat losses.



As a producer, we grant 24-month guarantee for our products.



To ensure safe, reliable and comfortable use of our products, we provide repair services and post-guarantee inspections.



We offer pleasant atmosphere, professional advice and assistance in selection of an offer that is most beneficial in terms of technical capabilities.



Our products have all necessary certificates and approvals, which confirms their high quality in terms of implementation of European safety standards.